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Amethyst Comforter


This queen size comfoter has 48 amethyst stones between the fabrics on the outside, each stone polished for maximum effect and for a softer feel. The fabric itself is a mixture of jade powder and the silver side is microfiber. The jade compliments the healing power of the amethyst stones. This comforter will leave you with a deep, relaxing night's sleep and can be used as a comforter or a mattress pad. It can also be doubled up for a twin size bed.The can be dry-cleaned only.

  Microfiber and Jade Powder Amethyst Comforter from Richway

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The Amethyst BioMat

Richway BioMats are made with real Amethyst stones. Amethyst is "nature's tranquilizer". Richway's BioMats are a combination of what the human race has known for centuries and what we are still learning. While on the cutting edge of health technology, Richway is also a huge believer in the theory, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." The ancient Egyptians and Greeks alike recognized Amethyst as a healing stone.

So Richway's BioMats are covered in Amethyst crystals, polished and smooth for better comfort. The Amethyst works in synergy with the Far Infrared Rays and Negative Ions emitted in large quantities from all BioMats to give you healthy relaxation and optimize your well being.


You Can Be A Richway Distributor

Becoming a distributor only costs a few bucks and truly, if you're going to spend the money for a BioMat, this is the way we look at it...BioMats are truly innovative, beneficial health technology and when your family and friends try yours, they're going to want one too. You could be making commission on those purchases that will be made by someone whether you become a distributor or not. So spend less than $50 with shipping and become a distributor of Richway products today. You're crazy if you don't.

And for spas, chiropractic and massage therapy offices, doctors and dentists, YOU'RE crazy if you don't become distributors too. Give your clients REAL service and present them with a product that really will help their health and provide much more than they ever expected.

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Distributor Kit
  The Queen BioMat and Amethyst Pillow from Richway
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