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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

After many years of helping people learn about Biomats, we have come across some questions a lot more than others and so we thought it would be a good idea to provide a page where people can come and find answers to those Biomat questions.

Q: How does a Biomat differ from a heating pad? A: A heating pad provides contact heat no different than the heat you feel walking on pavement on a hot summer's day barefoot. It provides temporary comfort but does not heal anything nor provide long term effects. A Biomat warms you from within. Infrared heat not only provides comfort in the here and now but also heals your body, slowly mending the systems in your body that have gone awry from age, disease or overuse. It can heal torn muscles and regenerate muscle tissue faster than your body can do on its own. It can increase your blood circulation and your immune system's functioning and a heating pad can do none of these things.

Q: How does a BIomat differ from an infrared sauna? A: The technology is the same. Only a Biomat is most times cheaper and more portable and doesn't take up the space an infrared sauna does. And on a Biomat, you are usually much closer to the infrared rays themselves.

Q: Is there tax on RIchway products? A: Only if you live in Hawaii.

Q: How long do Biomats take to get to me once I purchase them? A: Richway will not guarantee anything below 17 days but usually it takes about a week and a half to get your biomat after purchase. The only way to guarantee them getting to you quicker is to expedite each box for a $25 fee.

Q: Warranty? A: There is a one year unlimited warranty on all Richway products. You can extend the warranty by paying the cost you paid for shipping for that product in the second year. In the third year, its double the cost of shipping.

Q: What are the prices of the different size Biomats? A: You can go HERE to find prices on all Biomats.

Q: Are you the manufacturer, Richway? A: No, we are an independent authorized dealer of Richway products. Richway does not sell to the public.

Q: How long can I try my Biomat out and still get a full refund? A: One week.

Q: Should I become a distributor? A: ONLY if you have some sort of "venue" to sell them from. When we say venue we mean means. Selling them to your friends and family will not make a business form. We see less than 5% of distributors ever make any money from this. You have to have some place (health shop, healer's office (doctor, chiropractor, acupuncturists, yoga instructers, etc) to get people to try the Biomat. Or maybe you have some sort of skill set (salesman for other health products, website skills, etc). We strongly urge you to not become a distributor unless you know you can sell them.

Q: Are there any ailments or conditions that would be dangerous for a person to use a Biomat? A: Other than a pacemaker or some sort of metal in your body (pins, shrapnel, etc.), the Biomat can benefit everyone. If you have a pacemaker, do not buy a Biomat. If you have metal pins or some other metal in your body besides a pacemaker, you would have to try a Biomat on a low setting to see if it will give you discomfort.




You can also get more information about Biomats and the Alkal Life at:

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