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  Professional BioMat
27.56"w x 74"l / 750 x 2002mm

Professional Biomat Military Discount
(Pillow not included)
BUY NOW! $1,850.00
Regularly $1,950.00
Buy Now

Military Discount

The Military Discount is Richway's way of thanking our men and women of the armed servicces for giving our country is greatest gift -- freedom. If you are a current or retired member of the United States military, we will give you a $100 discount on the Professional Biomat. This discount is also offered on the Professional Package. Just provide proof of military service with one of these documents (only one is required): DD Form 214, WD AGO 53, WD AGO 55, WD AGO 53-55, NAVPERS 553, NAVMC 78PD, or NAVCG 553. You can eiher take a picture with your cell phone and text it to 850-348-1541 or scan your document and email it to us at


Professional Package Military Discount

Richway appreciates what you do for our country. The Professional Biomat on it's own is a great addition to your healthcare, but combined with the Amethyst Pillow, you will have an important addition to your health regimine. Don't let this great deal pass you by!.

Professional Biomat and Amethyst Pillow Together!
Military Discount = $100 off!
BUY NOW! $2,230
Regularly $2,330
Buy Now

Amethyst Pillow


Many veterans come home with some sort of physical issue, whether it be back pain, muscle pain or something else.. Biomats increase local circulation, making recovery easier on the body. The Biomat is FDA approved Class II Medical Device. The Biomat Professional is least costly full body size Biomat. It will help you get a better night's sleep which also aids in recovery.

So add the Professional or Professional Package to your recovery routine for $100 less.

1. Surface material: Silicon urethane with cotton
2. Waterproof layer
3. Amethyst layer for transferring natural infrared rays
4. Hyron cotton layer for thermal insulation
5. TOCA layer for natural negative ions
6. Nano copper fabric layer
7. Quantum Energy layer (peach and grape seeds)
8. Copper fabric layer for electromagnetic interception
9. Carbon fiber layer for electromagnetic interception
10. Fiberglass layer
11. Thermal preservation layer
12. Silicon and Teflon reverse currency heating layer with EMF interception
13. Nonwoven fabric layer
14. Aluminum layer for reflection of infrared rays
15. Nonwoven fabric layer for heat preservation
16. Thermal protection layer
17. Bottom material: High quality cotton with brass pattern
Biomat layers
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A Cool Head And A Warm Body

The Amethyst and Tourmaline Pillow from Richway keeps your head cool while the Biomat works it magic and still allows the infrared therapy to reach your head. So why not get the Professional Package and speed up recovery time?.


Measures: 27.56"w x 74"l / 750 x 2002mm
Net Weight: 2 8 lbs without controller / 13 kg
Electric Consumption: 160 w
Voltage: AC 120
Temperature: 95f to 158f / 36c to 70c
Infrared Ray: 8 - 14 Microm. Max
Negative Ion: 1 - 15%
Amethyst Size: 5mm - 12mm
Amethyst Color: Natural Violet Clear
Cut and Shape: Tumbled
Polariscope Test: Dr.
Specific Gravity: 2.65
Hardness: 7
Refractive Index: 1.544 - 1.553
Fluorescence LW: No refraction, Natural factor

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