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Richway International is known world-wide for it's quality health products. Richway, International, Inc. is always seeking to find better ways to allow you to live and look healthy and happy. Richway manufactures the ORIGINAL BIOMAT. Biomats are fast becoming popular, especially amongst the sports world. Richway appreciates all of the interest in it's products and promises to continue producing the finest in quality health and beauty products.


You Control Your Health's Future


Biomats use world's best source of Amethyst comes from Korea. Known for its power to detoxify the body from alcohol and other toxins, Amethyst also produces Far Infrared Rays. These rays restart the biological function of your cells and may: improve blood circulation, promote healthy perspiration, relieve neuralgia, backaches, arthritis and eliminate toxins. The Far Infrared Rays are good for relaxing, perform an antibacterial function and purify the air.

If 600 to 1,000 volts of Negative Ion potential is applied to an insulated body, more calcium and sodium minerals in the circulating blood get ionized, thus changing an acidified body to an alkaline body. Although it uses a high voltage, since there is no current flowing, there is no danger. This device is sometimes called a static electric treatment device or high potential treatment device. It is effective for stiff shoulders, headaches, insomnia and chronic constipation, as well as allergies,improve your metabolism and blood circulation.


Richway's Biomat


Richway International, Inc. is proud that the Biomat is our leading product. Biomat's emit Far Infrared Rays and Negative Ions in great amounts to help speed the healing process, help you sleep better and detoxify your body.

The Richway Biomat is a
U.S.F.D.A Class II Medical Device

The Biomat relies on three healing concepts: The Amethyst, Negative Ions and Far Infrared Rays. Together, they make this medical device not only unique, but effective and approved by the FDA.

Unlike an electric blanket, the Biomat does not get hot. However, if you lie down on it, it warms the inside of your body and the part of the pad touching your skin gets warm. When any part of the pad gets higher than the selected temperature, the sheet current is cut off by thermal sensors distributed throughout the Biomat. The Biomat comes with an external control box where the AC is converted to DC and you can also adjust the desired temperature of the Biomat. This means that not only is the Biomat more effective than a heating pad, but also safe, unlike heating pads, and is not a fire hazard.


The Biomat and You


The Amethyst Biomat’s™ primary gift to the human body is it may provide an environment in which the body is able to get rid of the acidic waste as it was designed to do. As these wastes expelled, the body’s vitality is rejuvenated.

You can feel those tired muscles relax, as helpful dry heat not only warms the surface of your skin, but also penetrates deep into your skin for soothing comfort. The gentle warmth of the Biomat Amethyst gives you an overall massaging effect, soothing nerves and muscles and may rid your body of toxins with natural healing. Imagine melting away your stress on an Amethyst Biomat. You can feel renewed in both body and mind. Let the Biomat put you into a state where true relaxation and healing are reality.

1. Surface material: Silicon urethane with cotton
2. Waterproof layer
3. Amethyst layer for transferring natural infrared rays
4. Hyron cotton layer for thermal insulation
5. TOCA layer for natural negative ions
6. Nano copper fabric layer
7. Quantum Energy layer (peach and grape seeds)
8. Copper fabric layer for electromagnetic interception
9. Carbon fiber layer for electromagnetic interception
10. Fiberglass layer
11. Thermal preservation layer
12. Silicon and Teflon reverse currency heating layer with EMF interception
13. Nonwoven fabric layer
14. Aluminum layer for reflection of infrared rays
15. Nonwoven fabric layer for heat preservation
16. Thermal protection layer
17. Bottom material: High quality cotton with brass pattern
Biomat layers


You can also get more information about Biomats and the Alkal Life at:

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